Monday, 14 June 2010

Terminal Velocity

I meant to add this very short post on Saturday morning as soon as tama 1 spoke to me, but as usual I got waylaid. It's only a short post, and really it's only for my interest to record, but this is the question posed to me.

We hadn't even been downstairs long enough to set the table, let alone make toast or even wake up properly before tama said to me, "you know how when a parachutist jumps out of a plane and reaches terminal velocity ..."

[at this stage his father thinks his question is "what is terminal velocity?" so I quickly interrupt him (whaiāipo) and say, "no, he (tama 1) knows what terminal velocity is ...]

So, tama 1 quickly defines terminal velocity and then asks the question he wanted to know originally ... "when a parachutist reaches terminal velocity, is that when they open their parachute?"

Heck, I dunno son! Let's find out ..

So that's how our Saturday morning started.

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ka kite ano

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