Friday, 18 June 2010


Tamāhine 1 and Tama 1 enjoyed their readings this week.

Let's see ... how about we start with tamāhine 1 who finished her second Goddess Girls book - Persephone the Phony?

I agree with the book's description that it's best suited for an eight or nine year old girl. There were a few words and phrases we had trouble with and for a lot of them I simply let them slide as she read rather than interjecting (other than to pronounce correctly) to define. Why? Because tamāhine 1 is only seven and for the most part she picked up on the relevant points of the story and as I've said before, she can always return to the book once she's gained more vocabulary, life experience etc. So why let her read something that is better suited to an older girl? Because I liked the style in which she learns some of the Greek Gods and Goddesses. Besides, it was tamāhine 1 herself, who wanted to read the book. She really enjoyed it and that's all that mattered.
(There's another story book in the Goddess Girls series but it's on back order and we won't have that until August.)

... I mention tamāhine 1's current reading book a little further on ...

Tama 1 read the next two books in the same amount of days:
Both books were funny and very entertaining. Easy language with great illustrations. I don't mind building up a collection of Roald Dahl, now that I see the kids enjoy them - well me, too, actually.

... I mention tama 1's current reading a little further on, also ...

Last weekend we watched the movie, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs:-
Although my original idea was to read the book first before watching the movie, we kind-a ended up doing things back-to-front. The weather last weekend was absolutely perfect for movie-watching, ie rain, rain, rain.... but minus the meatballs and hamburgers, lol.
The aim of the exercise was to show the kids that movies are (by-and-large) based on books and they can be miles apart from what they think the story is in the movie.

Another example of the point I'm trying show the kids is of course Roald Dahl's Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (which happens to be the current book tama 1 is reading).

The kids have only seen the 'newer' version of the movie (ie the one below with Johnny Depp):-
I'm looking forward to tama 1 reading the story and pointing out the differences as he discovers them.

I love the make-believe language Roald came up with, for example 'Oompah Loompah'. It's a great way to engage a child's attention.
Speaking of making up a language, tamāhine 1's current read ...
has a made-up language also. The Giants are Groils and the little people are Iggly Plops. At the end of the book it even has a Groil to English dictionary and an English to Groil dictionary, eg "bimple" is a bean, and "bimplestonk" is a beanstalk. It's a cute little book. We're up to chapter 10, and one of the great things about this book is the enthusiastic voice tamāhine 1 uses to bring the story to life. So far I guess you'd say it's based loosely on Jack and the Beanstalk only from the perspective of the giant (Jumbeelia) coming down the bimplestonk and taking the three Joneses - Stephen, Colette and Poppy - back to the land of Groil.

Now, other than the real "hold-in-your-hands" books the kids are also reading whatever free books we find online.

Even though the local paper isn't expensive, we don't buy it simply to save cost. Instead, I'm "trying" to find time in my day to start reading it online. I've also decided it's time for tama 1 to read a newspaper. Yesterday, I found the following newspaper:-
I've only subscribed to the free mini-newspaper, so at this stage I can't really give my opinion on it. But from the brief reading of the archived articles, I think it has a nice kid-friendly format.

Well, I think that about wraps up our reading discussion, so I'll leave it there and catch up with y'all next time.

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