Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Career Day; well, kind-a

With tama 1's interest in flight and air traffic control I bought the following game for him some time ago:
Then, this morning, while he was studying the Airbus A380 (again) I decided to google some online air traffic control games for him. There's a truckload of the blasted things! So, I did the ol' eeny, meeny, miny, mo and chose this one:-
and this one:-
Although today's lesson was purely fictional, it did at least highlight the point I was trying to make:- that an Air Traffic Controller is incredibly skillful. I emphasised that if they wanted a career as an ATC then it is absolutely attainable; and what they "played" with today would at least give them a basic idea of what it must be like in real life.

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  1. Not that is amazing, I must find my ATC Program of old, perhaps it may be useful for you later.