Monday, 17 May 2010

Giving Greek a Go

A brief post about today's Greek lesson.

We learned the next four letters of the Greek alphabet today so that's 16 we have under our belts now.

As the kids worked on their exercises I prepped tonight's kai. As I multi-tasked, I noticed tomorrow's exercises and thought to myself, "hey, I know what that spells ..." and before I knew it I had translated the list: {Granted, they are transliterations but who cares!}
  1. βαγ = bag
  2. πεν = pen
  3. μαθ = math
  4. βοξ ιγγ = boxing
  5. μοπ = mop
  6. λεγ = leg
  7. οξεν = oxen
  8. λαμβ = lamb
When the kids had finished their writing practice I let them go off for a break and caught them one at a time to see if they would like to have a try at doing the exercise. Tama 1 was very quick to figure them out, tamāhine 1 took a little bit longer - but not by much!

When they'd finished, tama 1 started writing words in Greek. I explained not everything is transliterated so although we had fun experimenting, I eventually showed him words further along in the textbook which of course are true Greek. To make my point clearer I used Māori to help out. My brain was feeling tired, and seeing as I was on Skype with Uncle Craig (when am I not on Skype to Uncle Craig!?) and asked him to help me out. Here's some my brother rattled off lickity split:

Akarana = Auckland
Hamutana = Hamilton
taima = time
naihi = knife
motoka = motorcar
tareina = train
eruera, wiremu, ropata + Edward, William, Robert
panana = banana
hotera = hotel
mane, turei, wenerei, paraire, hatarei = Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday

We could be here all night but you get the idea eh?

The point was made. The point was understood. But we had fun writing words in Greek and quizzing ourselves with Māori words also.

Thanks for dropping by
ka kite ano

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