Saturday, 6 March 2010

Gotta love 30 day free trials don't yah!?

I sent away for a 2010 cataglogue from Curriculum Concepts last week and when I finally found some time to sit down and browse through it, one of the first things I came across was an advertisement about a website called Ziptales. So, in typical fashion, I headed over to the computer and started browsing around Ziptales.
Ziptales offers stories in 12 genre, different readability levels, optional voiceover with comprehension tasks at the end of each story where students obtain feedback straightaway and in the ‘staffroom’ there are activity sheets for teachers and students.
I clicked on the "Where Do I Start?" button and asked tama 1 (munching on his dinner) to pop over and give the "test" a shot. He read the three stories and answered each quiz with ease. At the end of the "test" it was suggested he start at level 3.

To cut a long story short, I felt happy about what I looked at and decided it wouldn't do any harm to give the 30 day free trial a whirl.

[Now, should you decide to do the 30 day trial, you'll get an email outlining a few basic tips as well as receive the necessary username and password of course.

Two things I like about it so far:

  1. Decent length stories.
  2. Comprehension tasks on completion of each story.
I probably should've waited till the kids had finished their World Math Day games because we didn't utilise the website at all during those days, but oh well, them's the breaks. I'm at least trying to sit down this weekend to do a bit more of a reccy to familiarise myself and make that decision whether to spend NZD$50 or not. Considering I've spent a bit too much money in recent weeks, I need to be cautious about getting carried away with slapping things on the plastic just at the minute.

There have been a few slow-loading pages, MINOR volume issues in one or two areas and disappointment at one of the Puzzle Palace games ... Where's Wally's Wallet. {Tamāhine 1 and I got through Part 1 but do you think we could get Part 2 to work?} Maybe I need to wait till I receive the 96 page Ziptales manual to read if there's something I'm missing. I'm browsing through the Technical Guide at the minute but I know our computer meets the criteria of what I'm reading so far. I'd be interested in hearing thoughts from anyone who uses it whether they had similar experiences and how to get around it.

But don't get me wrong, I really like it and will continue to tinker about. I'm sure I'll nut out the tiny issues I have because overall I think it's an excellent resource and it'll be a great supplement to our schooling.

In other words, I'm bound to spend the money ... it's just a case of when!

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