Monday, 22 February 2010

Still not back into full swing of school but we're trying

Tama 1 and tamāhine 1 had a more enjoyable time on the WorldMathsDay website this morning. I'm not sure if it helped that we took a break for about four days, but whatever the reason, things were better today.

Having expected they'd be matched against the speedsters like last week, I wasn't sure if they'd be keen to even return this morning.

You can imagine my relief when we discovered they were matched very fairly indeed today. There were only a few games that they had a player who was able to whizz through at lightening speed, so thankfully that meant the kids were keen to continue playing.

I heard Tamāhine 1 ask her big brother if maybe they might get paired up at some point. I felt mean when I finally plucked up the courage to explain why they wouldn't. I think I really deflated her excitement at the (impossible) prospect of playing against her brother. Ah well, I've burst that bubble ... but it didnt' deter them from wanting to continue playing.
It's really rather exciting to see what countries the kids are playing against. We all ooh and aah when we haven't played a certain country before.

Each child has a profile and part of their profile is their national flag. This morning I was reminded how well tama 1 knows his flags which I thought I'd share with y'all. It's just a short story, but a proud moment in its own right.
Tama 1 watched as each contestant was loading and a child from Estonia was one of them. Tama 1 very quickly says, "Wow, Estonia. I haven't played Estonia before..."

He followed this up with, "Estonia has the same kind of flag as Botswana." So, of course, we had to get up and look at the flags. Sure enough they were rather similar (well, insofar as colours and had stripes going in the same direction).

The things kids know huh?!

Speaking of similar ... tama 1 worked with some maths today discussing similar, different and congruent. That was easy enough ... once mum remembered what congruent meant! Gee, what a "scratch-the-head" moment I had to think what congruent meant!!! [I blame that on tiredness with a newborn myself... what d'yah reckon? D'yah think I could get away with that for my excuse? lol]

Okay, before I forget. I just wanted to add this quick point of note.

I've had a number of people ask me why I had to take newborn tama 4 to the hospital for a hearing test. Well, it's a new scheme introduced just over a year ago apparently (which explains why the five other kids missed out on it). From the NSU website:
As a response to the success of newborn hearing screening programmes in other countries, the New Zealand Government announced in 2006 that it would fund a universal newborn hearing screening programme for all eligible New Zealand children.
So there you go. It's not because baby has any hearing difficulties, but the implementation of progress in the health industry.

Well, I'll leave it there for now. I'm off to enjoy afternoon tea. I made a scrumptious chocolate cake to celebrate tama 4 reaching one month of age on Saturday and I'm in need of a chocolate fix.

Yes, a month has passed already. Doesn't time just disappear all too quickly?!!

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ka kite ano

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  1. great to see you back online! only you snuck up and did a handful of postings. No you are not supermum/woman but you are a super mum and super woman!
    As for the flag business, I've been to Botswana and can not remember the flag in anyway shape or form. I am back online after a week without internet.