Tuesday, 16 February 2010

World Maths Day

For whatever reason, we missed this event in 2009 so this year I've made sure we've registered and the kids and I are using the practise period to familiarise ourselves with the game. One of the important areas to check out is the FAQ because I learned that:
  • The inaugural games were in 2007.
  • The event runs for a 48 hour period.
  • New Zealand commencement time is 12.00am Wednesday 3 March, unlike other countries which start on 2 March.
  • The children's practise points are wiped once the official game commences.
  • There are 100 questions per level (5 levels in total).
The only thing that I don't get is the speed with which students are answering. Our kids are reading the question then looking to the keypad to enter their answer. By the time we answer one question, their competitors have raced through two or three more questions. The website says:
Students are automatically matched against other students of a similar age and ability, i.e. strong students play only against other strong students
Okay, so the idea is to answer as many correct questions in 60 seconds but as much as I can say to the kids that it's more important to take part and not worry about trying to be the first, it begs the question, "how are other kids playing?" Have they such strong computer skills that they use the numberpad with one hand whilst reading the screen like I do? or what exactly is their secret? I'm competitive enough but I want the kids to be challenged fairly. Maybe I'm missing something? ... Feel free to share your thoughts.

Aside from that, we're enjoying the game. We've had such a buzz playing against kids all around the globe ... and we've even played some Kiwi kids too!!!

I don't think I set up their registrations properly because I signed them up as individuals. I wasn't sure what area is for homeschoolers. I think I was meant to go under school registration eh!? Otherwise, how do they know we're homeschoolers? Hei aha, I can always register again at the official start time seeing as their practise points get wiped.

So, just in case you want to join this FREE 48 hour event, I hope I've outlined enough detail to help you out.

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