Monday, 15 February 2010

Riding the Rollercoaster

[Just so you know ... I had started to blog quite a different posting but because I took some anonymous unpleasant comments to heart, I've decided to cut out a good chunk and share but a few details. Although I've changed the settings allowing only registered users/bloggers to comment from now on, I've decided I'll be making the blog private invitation if I receive any more unnecessary comments. I feel pity for these people - they obviously have nothing better to do with their time.]

Life has felt like such a rollercoaster these past three weeks. The following lists but a few of the highs and lows:

  1. 23 January 2010 - Celebrate the birth of our sixth child, tama 4.
  2. All the children have bonded beautifully without jealousy toward tama 4.
  3. Three weeks later I'm losing weight and finally fitting into cooler summer clothes.
  4. Lots of visitors (family - both immediate and extended, neighbours, friends) sharing the joy of our new son.
  5. Successfully accomplished a grocery shop with all the kids on my own. Granted, I had two trolleys (tama 3 & tama 4 in one trolley and tamāhine 2 in another ... she was isolated because of her conjunctivitis).
  6. Three weeks of heavenly bliss having whaiāipo at home for his summer break.
  7. Having my big brother come home from Kuwait for a surprise visit.
  8. Created space in the front room. Much tidier.
  9. Made new friends.
  10. I'm reminded that 2010 is the year I finish paying off old business debts. Rock on!
  1. My mum now having weekly "retreats" at Rotorua Hospital.
  2. My mum having to spend near enough a week in Waikato Hospital having tests and chemo etc.
  3. My mum not looking or sounding like my mum anymore.
  4. Tamāhine 2 contracts a severe case of viral conjunctivitis.
  5. Unpleasant comments on my blog.
  6. Whaiāipo had to go back to work.
  7. My big brother returned to Kuwait.
  8. I'm not Wonder Woman/Super Mum. I haven't got a magic recipe to juggle a baby, toddlers and schoolwork.
  9. Suffered "Comparisonitis" a few times.
  10. More in the house + more water usage = empty water tank
We're slowly (and I mean slowly) getting back into school. I want to avoid stress so the motto this year ... we accomplish what we accomplish.

For example, we've only done MUS once since stopping at Christmas! At the moment we're still trying to find a routine with baby before I can focus any "specific" attention on school work.

And anyway, having the baby around IS educational in its own right isn't it? Home Economics ... Biology ... Math ...

Everyone wants to help bathe the baby, so it's a case of having to take turns and get in where they can ...

If they miss out on bathing tama 4, then there's always tama 3 and tamāhine 2 to bathe. [I'm sure the novelty by the two littlies to return to the baby bath will end soon enough, but at the moment ... in summer time especially ... I don't mind them being bathed in the baby bath ... saves me bathing five kids upstairs later huh?!]
Before baby's arrival I spoke to the kids and explained they are now old enough to be doing the dishes. I was directing my thoughts more to the two (possibly three) older children but tama 3 has decided that he needs to be in on the action too. Oh well, as long as the dishes get done, nē rā?
And of course, there's the vacuuming and the putting away of laundry . They've been doing these chores for a while now, but our baby girl looks so beautiful I had to throw a photo in to show her off, lol.

The kids love all the responsibility and I certainly appreciate having the help. For years one became accustomed to carrying out all the tasks on her own, so to finally pass on some of the duties is a welcomed blessing (even if it is another reminder your children are getting older). But for me to keep on top of household chores (and retain some kind of sanity) I have prepared the children for this moment and "so far, so good." No doubt they will become blasé about such things, but hopefully not any day soon.

There's more to chat about, but I'll have to leave that for another posting. Time for organising dinner and cuddles with tama 4.

Thanks for dropping by
ka kite ano


  1. It's wonderful to see how your other kids have adjusted to having a new baby.

    And congratulations on going out and about with them all. What a blessing a full brood is!

  2. Congratulations on the new arrival, it is nice to see how you are all doing.

  3. Maree you have the most beautiful children, they must be a huge blessing to you.
    Lisa xx