Wednesday, 6 January 2010

They call it O/T (Little to do with homeschooling)

My visit with midwife (Aroha) went very well yesterday. I'm still unsure as to baby's true ETA so whether he arrives tomorrow (7th January), or not until the 20th, we'll simply have to wait and see. I'm feeling quite tired this morning but that's because I didn't get any sleep on Monday night, waiting for whaiāipo to return from Huia, Auckland. Like a sub-contractor said to whaiāipo at work yesterday, "Blimey, you were practically in Sydney!" Yes, I can understand what he means. Huia is a long drive on the west coast, so whaiāipo practically went to Aussie.

However, the $10 seats were well worth the trip, even if my body is tired and I should've slept instead of sitting up waiting for his return. But then, I'm like that ... utterly hopeless when he's away from me. I always worry about anyone on the roads, especially my whaiāipo. It was so unfortunate that the traffic was such a nightmare, but it had to be expected because so many Kiwis were on the roads returning home to start back at work yesterday and because the people we bought the seats off were leaving on their NZ tour today, we had no option but to pick them up that night. So it's my own fault I feel tired.

We spent a good portion of yesterday at nana and koro's which was just as well because I would place a bet that my mum will be in hospital before the end of the week for her weekly retreat. That's what I refer to it as now because it's become a weekly ritual to have transfusion after transfusion. I just wish the doctors would work out how mum's losing the blood so she can lead a normal life again.

Anyway, having her mokopuna around her seemed to brighten her day. Simple things like building block towers (the following is by tamāhine 1) can bring joy to mum.

There's little wonder the kids have an interest in planes. One reason is because we live relatively close to the airport and we get to see plenty of them. Yesterday was no exception.

As we drove into town for the midwife appointment, tama 1 noticed a small plane. I had the camera with me, but because I didn't notice it myself and tama 1 was in the back of the van, it was much too much later when we talked about it so I missed getting a close-up shot of what we learned is a Russian Yak (Yakovlev). I don't know which model it is at the moment so I can't put any link to it.

Anyway, after kai last night the kids were playing outside and around 7.30pm I heard what I initially thought was the Canadian Floatplane because it had the same grunty, slow sound. When I looked up I realised it was smaller and put two and two together. "It's the Russian Yak kids!"

We had free entertainment for the next hour watching the plane go through some neat tricks.

Suddenly I'm being taught by my 7 (nearly 8) year old son terms such as "pitching", "yawing" and "rolling". (Well, I did know rolling.)

Tamāhine 2 missed out altogether because she had just fallen asleep. But the other four were mesmerized.

I tried to get photos of the kids with the plane in the background, but you'll simply have to use your imagination.
Plus, try as I might to get some good shots of the aerial manoeuvres, the plane was pretty much 6-10kms away from us, so these next two photos are the best I could get.

Just after 8.30pm he flew past us heading in the direction of Tauranga, so we finally came inside. The kids were on high for the next hour and finally hit the hay at 9.30!!!

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