Sunday, 10 January 2010

Snippets from our weekend


Trying to relax in preparation of tama 4's forthcoming arrival is rather difficult. I don't like to sit around, but much to my midwife's delight I was able to report that due to visitors over the past few days I've managed to sit back and relax more than I normally would.

Yesterday I also had a pleasant surprise. A former work colleague (from about 10 years ago), managed to track me down via the internet. We had a lot of fun emailing each other for an hour on and off. [That was a great way for me to relax actually.]

When I finished nattering to my friend, I spent a HUGE portion of the remaining afternoon fiddling with each blog post in preparation of getting this school blog printed. After attempting a dumby run on blog2print, I noticed I could save a few pages (and therefore $'s) by eliminating excess space. My efforts paid off because when I did my second dumby run I managed to knock off at least $10 which in the grand scheme of things is big moolahs eh?!

Now I just need to make these final decisions:
  1. Do I want it printed in soft-cover, hard-cover, or the really cheap option of .pdf?
  2. Should I order it now and pay off my visa, or do I wait until I can afford it?

With the beautiful summer weather, the children have been enjoying themselves playing and that's been another good way for me to relax. I'm enjoying their school holidays just as much as they are. No stress about what to do for school work or trying to drag them inside away from their fun outside. A very happy household this way.


"How to convert your 7 seater van into an 8 seater .101"
I made sure the children didn't miss out on another learning experience with their dad today. Even though it only took whaiāipo half an hour to complete the task, I wanted the children to watch and assist.
More softball ...
I like the idea the kids came up with - to use their motorbike armour for backstop position

One of the pleasures I have of our home is that even in all its unfinished glory, I can be in the kitchen preparing dinner while at the same time be able to look out across the yard to see the kids enjoying themselves. Makes light work of my task while allowing me the vantage point of seeing where everyone is.

Thanks for dropping by
ka kite ano

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