Saturday, 2 January 2010

Project continues with fun thrown in too

After yesterday's effort in the heat, I was glad whaiāipo took it slightly easier today. After shifting the green slide to the taller tower and nailing a temporary ladder in place, the kids weren't slow to start using the higher slide.
One thing I have wanted for a long time, is a fence closer to our living area and now that we have a playground under construction, whaiāipo and I agreed that now is a good time to erect a fence. So, the gate went up straight away. We then headed into Bunnings to buy some posts. Whaiāipo was keen to have a good break, so we bought some petrol before heading home. The kids were happy to spend some downtime with dad. No wonder tama 3 is such a daredevil!!!! I know where he gets it from!!! [and this photo is tame compared to some of the stunt actions these two were up to]

Tama 2 and Tama 3 helping dig holes.
Tama 3 and tamāhine 2 mixing their concrete to help dad ... much to his delight I'm sure! Tama 1 getting some hands-on experience to keep the posts straight and use a level.
When tama 1 was finished he decided to make another Airbus A380.
By dinner time all the posts were in.

Before I dart off, I will add tama 1's newspaper article which he wrote this morning. He wrote it on red paper which I couldn't scan very well. He has a drawing of the Hindenburg and here's the article itself...

Daily Newspaper

Hindenburg II

The Hindenburg II lands at Dogville International Airport as people stand waiting for it to land. Thousands of people hop off the Hindenburg II, go into the Airport and wait for cars to come and drop them off at hotel, motel or somebody's home.

The Hindenburg II has a two-level gondola at the bottom to carry 250 passengers. The Hindenburg II's size is massive and the people said it was cool seeing HUGE Hindenburg II.

To see more about the Hindenburg II or other news then type or whatever the news is about.

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