Sunday, 3 January 2010

Phase Two almost complete: concentrated on fence today

Honestly, I am so grateful for the many talents whaiāipo possesses. He is such a clever bunny. In true Kiwi fashion he is a DIY-guy. Look at the results to date.

Tamāhine 1 helped her dad as well as kept an eye on her little sister.
Don't you just love the wooden gate whaiāipo made? Neat alright.
And here's a few shots from both sides of the fence. By lunchtime it was all done. We are now fenced off.
I told you he was clever huh?!

Yes, yes, we still need to finish putting the rails around the decks of the towers, but at least the fence is complete and I know my little ones are safe and secure.

So, the Family Christmas Project is almost complete.

Before I go, I'll include the second article from tama 1's newspaper ...

The article is about the Airbus ...

On January 2nd, Saturday 2010 the Airbus A380 landed at Recycleville International Airport, and there were parties all around the airport. There were tables of food for the passengers and the staff of the plane had lunch in a room that is inside the airport building. It is very hard keeping up with all these people so they have got new vehicles. Here are some pictures. [his pictures were then drawn underneath]

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