Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Our homeschooling lesson of the day


Whaiāipo was sent to a really exciting plumbing job today. He had to repipe a hot water cylinder in this HUGE 20-metre long, 39 tonne mobile operating theatre. He gave the children and I the heads-up, so on our way home this afternoon we tried to get as close to it as we could. I didn't have my camera, just my mobile phone. Because the bus was inside a workshop I couldn't get a clear enough photo. Besides, there were a lot of tradesmen working and I didn't want to get too close without permission.

So, I decided to have a look on the internet to see what I could learn about it.

I am SOOOOOOOOOO impressed with what I've learned. For major starters I learned that the entire trailer unit was built right here in Rotorua, by a firm called Mills Tui. Now, although I knew Mills Tui have made fire trucks and stuff like that, I have to admit I had no idea they made this awesome mobile surgical bus.

It travels through rural New Zealand on a five week cycle.

The website even has a calendar to show where the bus is located on a daily/monthly basis.

It's currently off the road for its yearly maintenance I guess. It has to be fully-operational by the 19th to start its 2010 tour of duty on the 24th.

They reached a milestone of 10,000 operations in rural New Zealand on 27th May 2009 - in Oamaru of all places!!!
The current plan is to "establish permanent Tele-presence networks links between seven selected rural sites (see locations) and academics, professional bodies, tertiary hospital and leading health professional, in order to deliver virtual lectures, reducing this isolation and enhancing lifelong learning opportunities for rural health care providers."

There is a lot of information packed into their website. Every bit of it is really interesting, educational and downright awe-inspiring.

Whaiāipo said that as he worked underneath the side-extensions, he could feel people basically walking on his head. He had the privilege to get up close and personal and was really blown away by the sheer size of the surgical theatre.

Pretty WOW wouldn't you say?

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