Sunday, 3 January 2010

NZ Homeschooling Magazine & Website

Good luck to Kim Mounsey, a homeschooling mother here in New Zealand. She is the developer of this website ...

As Kim points out, the website is under construction, but do check it out and send any ideas you may have to Feedback is one of the most crucial aspects when setting up any venture, so I encourage New Zealanders to show support.

I applaud anything New Zealand homeschooling-specific. Resources like these are helpful not only for beginner homeschoolers looking for answers to "where do I start?" and that all-important one, "how do I write an exemption?" but also for those of us who have been walking the path for a few years (or even completed the journey) who simply desire support and contact with other Kiwi homeschoolers.

Best of luck Kim. May you receive plenty of support.

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