Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Inside my Bounty Bag

Lauren, a reader in Australia, was quick to comment on my earlier post and because she mentioned she received condoms in her Bounty Bag, I simply couldn't resist opening mine to see if I did too!!!

Nope, there were no condoms.

There were the usual things like magazines, samples of different ointments, disposable nappies and Ecostore laundry powder, pamphlets on an array of motherly topics etc. But one new thing since tama 3's birth was a pamphlet from The Department of Internal Affairs. Something called Decorative Birth Certificates ...

I like these! They are a far cry from the budget version they changed to a few years ago...
If you follow the links then be sure to scroll down to the section "Pictorial Birth Certificates" which outline the meanings behind the pictures used.


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  1. Those decorative birth certificates are really something - I've never heard of or even seen them before! I'll check it out; thanks so much for sharing!