Friday, 1 January 2010

And the project continues

The first task tamāhine 1 helped her father by reading out the list of measurements. Then it was time for hammer and nails to put the decking (flooring) on both "towers".
We drove into Bunnings to buy a few things and then straight after lunch whaiāipo got busy with the welder. We tested out one swing for the bigger kids before whaiāipo continued welding. Whaiāipo continued with the welding and the children happily entertained each other.
After a very late dinner, the kids were straight outside. By 8.30pm I was trying to get the kids to come inside. But were they keen?!!

We've a lot more work to do yet and the layout will be changing. The trapeze and green slide have yet to go to their correct spots so don't get too used to how you see things just at the moment.

It was a great way to enjoy a very hot New Year's Day. Our outside weather station read 40°C at one point, but typically the weather report would say we only had a high of late 20's or early 30's no doubt.

I'll try to add another update tomorrow.

Thanks for dropping by
ka kite ano

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