Thursday, 24 December 2009

Winding Down; Slow-Mo; Bring on Christmas, Part Deux

Carrying on from where I left off yesterday ...

The kids are basically doing whatever they please.

Considering we always do maths, you'll be shocked to know we've only done one day's worth of math lessons this week. Everything really has started to come to a standstill. I only seem to manage little spurts of energetic enthusiasm.

That lack of enthusiasm is obviously rubbing off onto the kids and that's fine by me. They are (all) more interested in playing and making a fleet of Air New Zealand aeroplanes. [There's plenty of learning going on with that and it's fun. Tama 1 has painstakingly followed the designs from his chart of planes. No detail is overlooked.]

Tama 2 is making great progress with his repeat reading of the Montessori lessons. We started with Starfall also which we're taking nice and slowly. As hoped, his reading is improving his pronunciation/annunciation. I'm trying not to place too much expectation on tama 2 and keep a relaxed method of learning for him. He, himself, is trying to be like his older brother and sister, which is helpful to a certain extent: it provides extra motivation.

We started manuscript writing and he's doing very well so far.

I'm curious to know how others record their work. For some time now I have used Google Documents. I like the way I can do spreadsheets, documents, presentations, forms etc. I've enjoyed using Google Calendar also for recording both school work, appointments and important dates like birthdays etc. I gave up trying to figure out a way to get Word documents to upload to the blog so I decided I'd use Google Documents because one is given the option to share it with others or keep it private. I like that idea. I know there are similar computer assisted programs like this, but Google has been my preferred choice. I'm hoping to organise my Google Documents with more precision next year. I think that if I'm ever subject to an ERO Review then I can at least send the Review Officer a link to any or all of the documents.

I've again run out of steam, but I will finish the subject of winding down, because I'm quite sure you've got a good picture that it's all wound up on this side of the world.

It was a fantastically hot summer's day today. I had a close relative of mine from Auckland pop round this morning as well my dear friend Auriel. A truly lovely way to spend Christmas Eve.

Our shopping this evening went pretty much as planned. We have the large "surprise" to share with the kids. I'm looking forward to the morning. We're planning to have a BBQ. Nana Nancy will pop over to see us around that time and we'll call up to see my folks later tomorrow night.

Be safe and have a wonderful day with your loved ones.

Here's to a wonderful Christmas.

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ka kite ano

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