Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Winding Down; Slow-Mo; Bring on Christmas, Part One

Christmas is just around the corner but I really wanted to try and get a post done to at least wish everyone a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy, Safe and Prosperous New Year.

We have yet to do any Christmas shopping ourselves. This year we have decided to fix up what toys the children already have because whaiāipo and I feel the children have everything they could want. If possible, I simply wish to get a new netting surround for their trampoline, oh and a new (spring) pad also. Their swing set is in dire need of a complete overhaul, so depending on the price of new swing seats we will try to upgrade that equipment also. The two older children could certainly do with new bicycles, but that can wait for birthdays. What they have at the moment will suffice.

I did purchase some books a few weeks ago with the great intention of cheating wrapping them as gifts but decided that no, in fact they won't be given as Christmas gifts. I bought them for the purpose of school - thanks entirely to the Supervision Allowance - and that's how they should remain.

[I reminded myself that although we're far from financially comfortable, our circumstances have at least changed enough that not EVERYTHING has to be used as a gift simply to fill Christmas stockings. Hence the decision I don't NEED to use the books as gifts. For me, that's enough of a gift to myself to know we're getting financial control once again.]

[To think, this time next Christmas I'll be jumping with joy knowing we'll have cleared past debts. Wow!!! That's very exciting to me!!!]

You may recall I mentioned in a posting not so long ago that we waited over a month to get our hands on Mercy Watson to the Rescue? Well, I decided to buy our own copy ...

Where did I buy it? Not in New Zealand that's for real!!!! Would you believe it is cheaper (by quite a lot I might add) to buy books from the United Kingdom or the States!? I would normally choose Amazon.com, however I chose ...

Why? Well, because ...
  1. They offer FREE worldwide delivery, no matter how little or how many you purchase.
  2. The books I wanted were discounted.
  3. They offered a FURTHER 10% discount on their ALREADY discounted price!!! ...No, honestly they really did!!!! CRAZY huh?!!!
As we go to press, we're waiting on the remaining three books and hopefully they arrive tomorrow.

No major though as I already mentioned I don't plan to wrap them as Christmas gifts. In fact, we've opened them and started reading already.

One interesting point to make is this ... each book has arrived INDIVIDUALLY packaged!!!! What a hoot!!! So, on Tuesday when I had my appointments with the obstetrician and then the midwife), we arrived home to find eight packages in the letter box. What an absolute giggle.

[The books are all part of the LessonPathways Year 2 Language Arts suggested reading list.]

[I decided that if all the children are to follow in the same vein as tama 1, then it would be worth the investment to purchase our own copies, rather than use the local library.]

[And even if we didn't continue with supplementing our school curriculum with LessonPathways, the books would never go unused.]

I find it fascinating that they have come from the UK, individually wrapped, and have cost me a lot less than buying them from the likes of Fishpond, the Nile, Wheelers etc.

I did manage to find a couple of the books on TradeMe, and I would've purchased from there but to bore you with details, I kept the books on our watchlist and when I noticed people placing bids, I flagged making bids on them myself because by the time I added the postage, I realised I would actually get a better deal from the Book Depository. And yes, I will put my hand up and admit, I decided it was more worthwhile buying brand new.

There was no comparison.

Aaaah ... but what really swung it was that extra 10% discount.

From our recent purchase, I started reading with tama 1 this week ...

He's really enjoying this chapter book. We're but a few pages shy of finishing chapter 4 of the 195 page story. One of our tasks at that point is to discuss things like:
There's a few other activities we can do, and we'll see how we get on with those. Depending on due date of baby number six, we will either carry on straight after Christmas, or take a break. I'm finding it tiring to do too much at the moment and the kids really aren't interested in school work ... Christmas beckons, so why should I push them to do school work? Let's relax, enjoy summer and count down to our new family member's arrival eh?! Too right!!!

Tama 1 is also very keen to read the other two Runaway Ralph books so I will make a point of saving up for those.

When I read about the author, Beverly Cleary, I discovered she has written many, many books indeed. If this book is anything to go by, I would say I'll be investigating the others too because I'm really enjoying the story myself which is great. I've read a chapter ahead so that I can be prepared for any questions tama 1 may have. Basically he's only asked me what a word means such as: anxious, wavered, scrounge, accustomed, droned, provoked, relished, awed ...

I've got some more to chat about but I've run out of steam to do much more tonight. So I've now edited the heading to indicate this is Part One. I will hopefully post tomorrow to share the rest with y'all.

Thanks for dropping by
ka kite ano

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  1. Thanks so much for the info on the book depository, that sounds VERY exciting.
    I smiled as I read about you not including books in stockings. I think that even if I was cash rich I would still tend to put books in stockings as I figure there is no need to separate the learning from the fun and excitement. but that is just me. My "poor" kids had new toothbrushes included under the tree!