Tuesday, 29 December 2009

When his mother would believe what she hears, tama 1 says it's not so

I am reminded this evening of a statement made by tama 1 about a month ago as we discussed some engineering.

Apologies for leaving it so late to add to the blog, but better late than never I guess.

We were watching something on telly when the following statement was made:

"The Airbus A380 was the largest aircraft ever built."

Tama 1 promptly says,

"No, it's not. The Hindenburg was three times longer at 245 metres. If they meant airplanes instead of aircraft then it still wasn't the Airbus A380, it was the Antonov AN-225 Mriya.

Tama 1, then followed this up with the following statement ...

"Actually, it has been reported that German Aeronautical Engineers are rebuilding the Hindenburg. The Hindenburg II is expected to be as large and have a two-level gondola at the bottom to carry 250 passengers."

[This is verbatim ... he stood next to me and dictated it so I could correctly record it on the blog!!!!]

So, after discussing this for a while, we have tried to work out by what means an aircraft/airplane/airline/call it what you will, is measured to warrant being the "biggest". Is it by the length, or by how many passengers it can carry?

Whatever the answer, I just loved the fact our son was able to teach his parents something that night.

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  1. that's amazing! how on earth does he recall all that complete to the letters and numbers of the model? I guess what interests him he'll remember and he is interested in a lot. blew me away!

  2. I love this Maree,
    Sounds like someone has a gift for detail.