Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Quick reflection

It's around this time ... when I get closer to a new baby arrival ... that I hold my youngest in my arms and sadly admit they will no longer be my baby. Soon they will look like a giant to their new sibling. It's a bittersweet moment.

I am down to weekly midwife appointments and I have to say I've had mixed emotions this time around. With this baby, I have seen my chosen midwife probably a maximum of four times. The other times I have been seen by someone else. No, that's not a problem and in fact I like the other ladies, after all, Tuia did deliver our last two babies and I enjoyed having her. So, on the one hand, I really don't mind if Tuia is the one I have to phone to deliver tama 4, but it's been sad not seeing Aroha (my chosen midwife). A minor quibber, but it's made me feel less special. Just because I'm having my sixth child, does that warrant me any less of a client? Okay, it's probably not by design that Aroha is not available to see me, but I really like her and get on well with her, so I just wish I'd seen more of her because she's been my midwife for all the kids.

Another thing I find interesting is that I have been asked to see an obstetrician. When I asked my midwife why, she said it's because of my age and the fact that I've had so many kids already. What a hoot!

At first I really wanted to decline the appointment but then I started to reflect on the learning experience for the children (well, possibly ... it all depends how busy they are and whether it's a simple "in/out" type of appointment). But I also told myself that I will attend the appointment so that the obstetrician has the "privilege" of meeting "me"!!!!

Apparently he will want to explain the risks involved. I suspect he will also want to try and convince me that six is enough and give me the old "have you thought about contraception?" speech. Well, he'll be in for surprise! My body, my choice.

But yes, I held my little man this afternoon and for the second afternoon running, he fell asleep in my arms. He hasn't done that for a very long time, so I don't know if he is picking up on my body shape and that a change is fortuitous or whether he simply wants a cuddle, but I've enjoyed holding him. Soon he will be a big brother, no longer the baby.


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  1. I totally understand "bittersweet" I felt emotional myself just reading your opening paragraph because despite the joy and the excitement of your new family member you are saying goodbye to another era of your life.

    I hear you xxxxx