Thursday, 31 December 2009

A new tradition for our whānau perhaps?

Pre-movie experience

To celebrate New Year's Eve, whaiāipo and I are taking the children to the 6.15pm session of Princess and the Frog at the local cinema . Because whaiāipo is working, I know he'd never finish work in time to make an earlier show, but at least with daylight savings, the children won't be tired, and we'll still walk out into daylight afterwards eh?!

This is the first EVER time any of the children have been into a cinema so I'm looking forward to sharing the experience with them.

[Come yesterday - when I wondered if I was going into labour - I had reservations about whether I'd be in attendance today or not!! However, I guess I experienced Braxton Hicks. Either Braxton Hicks, or the baby truly wanted to let me know he didn't appreciate me digging etc over the weekend.]

I must share with you that whaiāipo received the tickets for two adults, two children and $20 worth of candy from a client in December 2008!!!! And yes, on the very last day of the vouchers validity, we're only just getting around to using them, lol.

We only need to pay for two of the children which is great and I'm sure the candy will keep the littleuns happy.

I thought I'd start my post "pre-movie experience" when the children are excited at the prospect of experiencing something new. We let them in on the secret last night and it's been the buzzword ever since. I'm looking forward to sharing their thoughts on our return this evening. (Okay, so while others are probably preparing for NYE celebrations, Maree will happily sit on the computer blogging instead!!!!)

So, until this evening ...

Post-Movie experience ...

It's about 9.30 pm now and the children have headed upstairs (reluctantly I hasten to add) to get ready for bed. They look tired but, as expected, they've had a wonderful evening going to the "movies".

They all did exceedingly well to sit through the movie. Both whaiāipo and myself thought it would've been tamāhine 2 who wouldn't handle being in the enclosed environment, but it turned out to be tama 3. He did very well for three-quarters of the movie, but then he wanted to run about the place. Whaiāipo took him outside for a walk while I remained with the other children.

My mother had made the comment to me yesterday that we'd probably be the only ones there and in actual fact, we made over half the viewers!!! There were five other people with our family of seven!!!

We all enjoyed the movie very much, so I am eternally grateful to Gordon and Pam for kindly giving us the tickets. What a thoughtful gift for a family. Whaiāipo, being the likeable fellow that he is, obviously made an impression to be given tickets not only for himself but his family as well.

I honestly couldn't even tell you the last time I would have been to the movies. I have absolutely no idea, but it must be at least ten years plus at least!!! The last time I went to the movies, I'm sure I had to push the seat down (y'know the folded-type seat and armrest I'm talking about?) Nowadays they have very plush, comfortable seating together with a cupholder!!! I made the comment (not being facetious, just making an observation) that the tickets are a lot more budget to the old days. Whaiāipo then informed me you can pay for them online (E-Tix), print them, take them into the cinema and go up to a scanning machine which spits out your ticket so you don't have to stand in a queue! I'm thoroughly impressed. So, the next time we go, I'll do it all online. (Listen to me! "The next time indeed!!)

What a neat way to see out the old year to begin a new year. I'd really like to think we could make this a family tradition. Let's hope we do?!

From our family to yours ...

Happy New Year

Thanks for dropping by
ka kite ano

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