Wednesday, 9 December 2009

It's so much fun when you receive a package

Wednesday the 9th

9.00 am-10.00 am

I browsed around the WatchKnow wiki site. In all honesty that's all I did ... "browsed" ... but it looks inviting. It feels safer to me to have the kids use this sort of site rather than stumbling upon unsavoury videos on YouTube. It's well-categorised and I do like the way you can use an age filter to only look for clips that are age-appropriate. It's still in the early stages of development, but I'm sure it will gain momentum very quickly.


The children and I were very, very excited today because our eagerly anticipated Math-U-See textbooks arrived. It was particularly exciting for me because I had ordered three levels ... Primer for tama 2, Gamma for tamāhine 1 and Delta for tama 1.

It's neat looking at the bookshelf to see we now have a growing collection ...

Primer .... α ... ß ... γ... δ

I enjoy having children who love maths. I had the warm fuzzies when I walked in the door with the package today. The kids told me they had been sitting on the couch waiting as I yakked to Martha - our postie - trying to guess what colour Delta would be. Turns out tamāhine 1 was right. Kōwhai (yellow). As soon as we had it open, the kids were all nose-to-books scouring the pages.

They were all very keen to start using their new textbooks, so it wasn't long before I had three students with three different MUS levels opening their clean, crisp new textbooks. It was so obvious tama 1 wanted to get stuck in because no sooner had I put the δ DVD into the computer and was watching intently to see what pointers I could pick up on, when suddenly tama 1 comes over and plonks himself next to me chatting about it.

As we watched the first few lessons on division, tama 1 was answering all the questions with ease. As soon as he registered just how simple divisions were, he was keen as mustard to work on the first lesson.

All three had their first lessons completed within minutes.

Considering I maybe could've/should've started tama 2 on Primer months ago, I decided to wait until now and I'm glad I did. I haven't done any formal maths with him prior, but he's been confidently using numbers of his own accord. As he worked on the first lesson (or was it lesson two?), I asked him to try and skip count in two's. To my surprise he did indeed count in two's. That was neat because it's been months and months since he's listened to the skip counting songs on the MUS Songbook and CD.

Late this afternoon I started looking for our Math-U-See DVD's because I feel I need to watch them again in case I've forgotten anything important. After an hour of tearing my hair out I had a rest and then went to it again. By this stage I'm getting extremely hot and bothered, and grumpy. As soon as whaiāipo got home I took advantage of the kids bombarding dad to head upstairs and look in the boxes of miscellaneous goodies. What was a tidy mess is now a disaster zone. I couldn't find α (Alpha) or ß (Beta). Talk about throw me into a frenzy. I finally gave up, had dinner and suddendly remembered ß (Beta) wasn't in the proper DVD cover as I had bought it off a friend so it was in a CD case. Phew! I found that one ... now, where was Alpha?

What do you do when you're in a flap? You jump on Twitter and tell the world you're losing your marbles.

Thursday the 10th

But what a good idea it was to blurb it on Twitter. Why? Because my girlfriend sends me an email this afternoon to let me know she read the Twitter message and she in fact has the Alpha DVD. Yay!!! I hadn't lost it after all !!! Thank goodness for that. At least I know where it is now. There's no urgency to have it, but you know what it's like when you're organised and have things in set places. When you can't find it where it should be, then you get very tetchy and restless.

Well, I had actually planned to write about some other things as well as math, but MUS seems to have completely dominated the discussion. So, I think I'll leave it there and try to come back with something else over the next few days.

The summer heat has been quite intense these past few days. Our house gets the sun in the main living areas by 1 o'clock and we are under intense heat until 8 o'clock, so you can imagine how uncomfortable it is downstairs. Because we live so near the lake we can't leave the doors open after dark because we get inundated with troutflies which is no fun whatsoever. This being the case, I can't stay downstairs too long because it's simply too hot and my pregnant feet are feeling it tonight. So, I shall leave it there and head on my merry way.

Rock on Supervision Allowance. Sure hope I see my bank account has a pleasant figure appear for me on Friday morning.

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ka kite ano

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