Monday, 28 December 2009

Family Christmas Project: Phase Two - commence construction

First thing after breakfast, the children had to put on their builders attire.

Builders aprons together with all the necessary builders tools, eg hammers, screw drivers, measuring tapes etc were the only present the children received from Santa.

With hard hats on they were out there helping dad measure up and get the stringline up.

They learned how to measure accurately using their builders square and builders pencils.
They had a beam each to measure 60cm, and using their squares mark around their beams.
While the children did their part, dad used the posthole borer digging to the required depth. The children then helped dad carry their posts to each hole.

Although we received rain in the late afternoon and I allowed the children to keep working with their dad, I eventually had to insist on them retiring for the night because the babies were playing and slipping on the slide too often.

After kai, whaiāipo was determined to get the beams around the tops of the forts up. This photo was taken from the comfort of indoors.

Just before 9pm, whaiāipo accomplished his task and cleared the bulk of his tools into his work van. Such a pity he has to return to work tomorrow. We could have this project finished by the end of the week. Hei aha, we're all stoked to see the fruits of our labour thus far.

BTW, the green slide is only placed on the right fort temporarily. It will go across to the left-hand side once we're further along in the project.I am especially proud of tamāhine 1. She worked like a trojan - she honestly put in a massive effort. She dug the most dirt of all the kids and did whatever task she was asked to do without complaint.

As she looked out watching her dad this evening working in the rain, she commented to me "if it wasn't raining I could be out there helping daddy."

My angel girl, with her heart of gold was a joy to watch. Y'know, she even helped her father cook scrambled eggs for kai tonight. None of us were interested in a big tea, but I was pleasantly surprised my baby girl had the energy to help cook dinner.

Tino ātaahua

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  1. That is very very exciting on lots of different levels. well done you lot. I was just thinking this morning about how families used to work together but now work tends to keep families apart. Well you found a worthy project to bring your family together. It looks wonderful and it's not even completed yet. xxxx good spot too, easy to see what is going on