Sunday, 27 December 2009

As another year draws to a close

Ever since I started my blog(s), I have considered printing them as a real book. The one and only place I ever knew about was Blurb.

Until today.

I was catching up on some Yahoo group mail when I learned about Blog2Print.

It was great to learn of another site because I had honestly (no, honestly, I really had) been thinking of getting the school blog printed in the New Year. My thoughts are to print from Romankids Homeschool Academy's inception through to the end of 2009 as the first volume.

So, just in case anyone else has thought about having a hard copy of their blog, then you may be interested in one of these websites. Perhaps you know of another and would like to share?

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  1. You are turning into my one stop shop information centre. Want to buy books? ask Maree where from, Want to print a blog? ask Maree who can do it. Want a new learning programme for the kids? Maree will know of some great freebies or if they have a charge I know it will be worth the cost because Maree's already checked it out - thanks Maree