Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Working with Temperatures

Working with Temperatures

We had fun creating this thermometer and practising how to read in Celsius and Fahrenheit. We watched the weather report last night to see what they said the temperature would be for today and noted their prediction of 16°C. Using our thermometer print-out, we worked out that would be 60°F. Then we [tried] to check the real thermometer around lunch time to see if it did in fact reach 16°C.

We kind of missed the best time to check because whaiāipo came home around 12-12.30pm. He had a fall during work hours and had concussion. So, school went on the backburner for a while eh?! When we did check the thermometer however, it read 14°C-15°C, so that was close enough. We'll try again for tomorrow but there's a high probability whaiāipo will be home tomorrow to rest from his ordeal. He has quite a lump on his head and a saw jaw from where he knocked himself.

Because he was home, the children were allowed to finish work a little earlier than I planned because I wanted to keep an eye on whaiāipo as best as I could.

The children revised some math facts this morning. As much as I might say it was a waste of time what we covered, I would also say it is important to cover even the simplest of facts as often as possible to ensure the children haven't forgotten such basic skills. If there's one thing I have learned - it doesn't take much to forget certain facts once you move on to new facts.

In the afternoon we moved into Language Arts and Social Studies. We learned a little bit about Alaskan Inuit. I didn't even know that Inuit = "the People" or the "Real People", so I learned something immediately!!! We touched a little bit on what physical characteristics means and why they live near the sea (for hunting and fishing).

I will leave the post here as I am keeping an eye on whaiāipo. Whether he goes to work tomorrow or not, I am unsure - hopefully he doesn't for his own sake eh?!

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  1. sending lots of love and a good recovery to your man. Now I know what inuit means too. thanks for that xxx