Thursday, 22 October 2009

There's just something to be said about ...

... seeing your child sit down with a dictionary to find a word/phrase.

Tama 1 didn't even ask for help to look up the word. We'd been talking about adaptations and he wanted to figure out what physical adaptation meant without interrupting me as I worked with his younger siblings. It took quite a while before I realised he was engrossed in the book so I took this photo without him even realising it!

For me, this was a powerful moment. Although he's looked up the dictionaries and encyclopaedia for a while now, this was really quite a big deal for me because he had gone off to figure it out without me being aware. It's kind of on a par with him no longer needing me to read with him. It's a rare moment indeed that he reads a book to me anymore. He simply finds a book and reads.

The title of this post should probably have been "They grow up so fast" eh?!!!!

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