Sunday, 4 October 2009

One of the sites we enjoy on occasion

I enquired two months ago (possibly not even that long ago) about subscribing to Big Universe, because (1) we've been enjoying the site for a very long time now, and (2) I wanted to take advantage of their Create & Publish area.

So anyway, I made the decision I'd join and as I tried filling out the online form, I was stopped at the point where you're asked to provide your "State". There was no option for "outside the USA", so I fired off an email and within a matter of days had the reply "sorry, Big Universe is not available outside the USA at this point in time." Of course they added "we'll keep you in mind/on the list for the future ... rah-dee-rah-rah ..."

Oh well, to be in honest, I am kinda okay with not being able to subscribe. Save money 'n' all eh? Besides, we really enjoy having the weekly free reading books so as long as that's still available, I'm okay with it.

What sparked me to mention this site today is the wet, miserable Sunday afternoon we're having. Just before lunch, I decided to look at the free reading for this week to break the boredom of being stuck indoors, and decided it was an opportune moment to share Big Universe with anyone who hasn't discovered it yet.

Tamāhine 1 read this first book without too much trouble. Only the words "meddling" I think and "YEOWCH" were slightly tricky for her. Hardly Dolch words now are they? lol

We haven't read the next one at the time of blogging, but that's because we're having a late lunch. We will read it a little later this afternoon though.

Anyway, I thought I would share what website we use from time to time online and hope you enjoy it also.

A few reasons I like reading from here is that it's (1) free; (2) something different to read when we can't get to the library; (3) quite often has educational books such as the latter book, "Migrating Animals of the World" and (4) you're emailed links to the current week's free reads so you don't forget (which I'm notorious for doing).

Thanks for dropping by
ka kite ano

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