Monday, 5 October 2009

On Monday we ...

We practised some multiplications using the cards we brought yesterday for $4.00 from ...

When we got home on Sunday I opened the box and held them up to tama 2. We got through nearly half the pack and he had answered the bulk of the cards himself. Granted, many were __ x 0, __ x 1, __ x 2, __ x 10 and __ x 11. But isn't it exciting to know your child of four actually knows so much? So at $4.00, I was pleased with the cheap purchase.

The kids got stuck into school work around 10 this morning. Considering they had worked with whaiāipo until late last night, I wasn't expecting them to start any earlier. Until they started with Math-U-See, tama 1 actually worked on yet another construction design.

I am amazed at his ideas, concentration and method of design. He just gets so involved and enjoys being accurate with his method. Although I wanted him to start his maths, I held back on saying anything because I believe it is important to allow the children time to explore their own learning and if this is the sort of learning he wants to do, then I encourage him. I do get excited watching him. He looks so grown up, as if he's been employed to design something.

Following on from his lesson with his dad last night, I know that he tried incorporating what he had learned into his design today.

When whaiāipo got home tonight, tama 1 and tamāhine 1 both asked him if they would be doing more math like last night. I know that whaiāipo was pleased as punch they were keen, so here they are, 7 o'clock at night following their kai and they're up at the bench already.

Tamāhine 1 especially can hardly hold back her little grin that daddy is teaching her something and when she would get the answer correct, she has a particular grin she makes. Although I couldn't capture it tonight, I think this grin is gorgeous enough.

Math lessons went from 10 o'clock till lunch time. We had a two hour break and they were on the computer doing Social Studies and Language Arts. Luckily I had things timed that tama 2 worked on the computer till his older siblings came to the computers, that way I was able to help everybody as much as I could.

The weather today was the worst I have experienced in months. There was snow down the line even and just our luck, we had to next to no wood ... and what wood we did have was wet!!!! But, we persevered with class and had whaiāipo not arrived home when he did, we probably would've continued. The kids were that involved with their work, they were happy and that made me happy. I wasn't pushing them to continue, they simply continued of their own accord. So for them to ask their father if they were going to do some more maths, I was happy. They don't realise it's all "schooling". They find it "fun", and that's all I want for the kids. To enjoy and have a desire to learn when they find it fun.

Well, it's after 8.00 pm now and as much as I want to enjoy their lesson, I simply can't handle the coldness. I'd rather snuggle up in bed now!!

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