Sunday, 18 October 2009

My weekend playing Mauri Ora catch-up

I managed to bowl over kete 3 in less than two days. I'm absolutely stoked!

I thought I would share some of the websites I used to do my research on my chosen Maori leader. If anyone is interested in learning something about our culture, heritage and leaders of the past, then you may find the following websites of interest, and good starting points. I chose Sir Maui Pomare because he was our first Māori doctor. Well, that's pretty much my main reason. That and the simple fact I felt he was an important enough character in our history.

The first website is an interview with his great grand-daughter. I like reading first-hand personal accounts. They bring the character to life and you read things you wouldn't find with other write-ups eh?

Puke Ariki
NZ History
Te Ara
The plan was to work on the kete all weekend, but Nana Nancy rang Saturday morning to say she and Maureen were coming over for a visit. Of course I wasn't going to be rude enough to study while they came, so my plans were changed. This meant I couldn't start on the kete until 5ish that afternoon. In my typical fashion, it became "head down bum up". I stopped at 8.30 and decided to get stuck in straight after breakfast on Sunday. And that's exactly what I did.

With all the breaks I took I'm surprised I finished it at all, lol. But by 8.30 Sunday night it was done.

I received the final kete last week so I opened it up this morning and I have to say I'm at a loss as to how to work on this assignment. It's absolutely nothing like the previous kete but I have to reserve my initial comments until I've really looked over it in more depth. Knowing me, I've misread or misunderstood the instructions. It's probably easier than I think, but it's a bit of a headscratcher at the minute.

But anyway, I wanted to share the above to encourage any kiwi who happens to pass by this blog, to sign up for this free one year course. I hope like anything it does make it into the school system because the history of our country was presented poorly when I was at school. I had to go to university to learn it properly. In saying that, I perhaps didn't need to do this course, but I am truly grateful I did. Not only is the entire course free, with FANTASTIC free resources, a kaitiaki to help guide you when needed who will also pick up and drop off your assignments!!!!, but also the satisfaction of gaining a better understanding of our country's history. Considering we're still a very young country, it's surprising how little of our TRUE history is being taught in the school system. Luckily, as homeschoolers, our children will learn the real history without having to wait until they're a young adult!!!!!

So all you New Zealanders, I present you with this challenge ... sign up with the Mauri Ora programme and learn your history. The journey you will experience will not only benefit yourself, but your family AND anyone you feel brave enough to broach the subject with.

Thanks for dropping by
ka kite ano

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