Thursday, 8 October 2009

More maths with dad

Whaiāipo left for work yesterday saying to the kids that if he got home early enough, they would do some more math if they wanted.

I made sure we had dinner on the table by the time whaiāipo arrived home, and once we'd let the meals settle, the kids asked dad if they should grab a pencil and paper...

The children learned about degrees first (eg a full circle is 360° and also used a full circle protractor to help demonstrate this).

Whaiāipo quizzed them on square roots and they got all of them correct. Whaiāipo tried to be cunning and asked tama 1 what the square root of 10,000 was. He got the shock of his life when tama 1 questionly responded, "100?"

Whaiāipo was impressed beyond belief!!!

Then they went back over circumference and volume. To aid his teaching, whaiāipo grabbed a couple of biscuit tins and a ruler. [He was going to use an ice-cream container but I pointed out the little ones would think that meant dessert... but as it was, tama 3 still took the biscuit tins to mean dessert and headed off to the cupboard to grab some bowls!!!](Tama 2 wasn't missing out on math. Whaiāipo assigned him some exercises and he busied himself to impress daddy too.)

After another 10-15 minutes, I needed to take tamāhine 2 and tama 3 to bed. I suggested everyone come upstairs so the littlies didn't get upset that they were going upstairs but everyone else was still downstairs. So, class continued in the boys bedroom. I think it's traditional to "read stories" to your children before bed, but not Romankids, we talk about math facts, lol.

Because I was getting tamāhine 2 and tama 3 off to sleep, I didn't have the opportunity to take a photo of the older kids with their dad.

My own mahi

My days are spent with the kids, focussing entirely on their school work, yet I simply MUST find time to work on my Mauri Ora kete 3 !!!!! I've opened the box possibly half a dozen times on receiving it, without starting even the easiest of questions yet!!!

Trouble is, I really find it hard to do anything but enjoy concentrating on the kids during the day and then by the time I get upstairs I'm so tired that I can't be bothered doing my own wananga assignments. I better pull a marathon effort this weekend and get something accomplished. Considering my girlfriend is just about finished ... or possibly she is by now? ... I best get my A into G and do something!!

My friend and her family have moved back to Reporoa and yesterday was her birthday. I had to email her because they probably won't be connecting a phone line any time soon. It feels odd not to talk to her, but oh well, wireless internet helps keep communication alive eh?!

Isn't technology just amazing? Fifteen years ago, if you had no phone, it meant no contact!

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