Thursday, 8 October 2009

Getting better (organised) with e-learning

More on the above a little later in today's posting

It is not our intention to be solely computer-aided learners, yet it would seem of late that my posts are about exactly that ... e-learning/online learning/call it what you will. Aah well, it's like any fad I guess --> when it's working well and you have loads you want to share about what's new and exciting, you kinda end up talking about it for as long as you need to huh?

Today was such a muddle. Thursday mornings I check the bank accounts, move funds around if needed and pay the bills online. This means the kids get to do whatever they like for a little bit longer. The bills don't actually take too long, but I always like to get that side of finances organised so that by the time we do the groceries in the afternoon, I'm sorted knowing exactly how much I can spend.

{Ooh, that reminds me!!!! We went into Pak 'n Save and I am not entirely sure if this is relevant to all Pak 'n Save stores, or whether it's only the Rotorua store, but just in case you are doing your groceries, and spend $150 or over then get in before Sunday and you will get 20 cents off per litre of petrol!!!!}

Tamāhine 1 (above) working on her maths
Tama 1 (below) reading about Greece at Big Universe
Tama 1, Tama 2 and Tamāhine 1 happily working on their individual lessons.
It felt good to see them all engrossed in their mahi, asking me questions if needed
and/or answering my questions to them to keep the learning momentum going.

Mid-afternoon we headed into the city to the supermarket, return library books and rendezvous on my parents street address with the

Mobile Library to find a book that was supposed to be on there!!! I scoured the shelves but do you think I could find it? Not a chance. Oh well, my search may not have come up trumps, but I at least grabbed some other reading material for the children. The bus was less than 100m from my parents house, so we didn't have far to go to pop in for a visit.

Now to tell you about ...

I had planned to discuss the e-learning website I joined in recent weeks called LessonPathways. Like most things, it's American-based and I haven't a problem with that. It's like every other good thing I find, you simply have to modify/tweak what you need to, to add the Kiwi flavour.

It's very early days with this curriculum and the first thing I would emphasise is that this is not our sole curriculum. I am wanting to blend it with the other things we use. I've grown accustomed to tweaking things to suit us here in NZ, but for the most part, I can find ways to have it work for us.

I will let you in on a little secret though ....

My decision-maker to join this particular online learning, was the fact that I jumped on board while they offered an over 50% discount. You have to appreciate that what looks incredibly cheap in USD, can look considerably different when you convert into NZD. In saying all that, I do think it's a respectable price even on a monthly basis.

Because, why? Because it's not per child. (Golly, I hope I'm correct about that?! Yikes, you better not quote me on that!!) I've made planners for the three big kids for that one price, so that's a huge advantage to take into account when comparing to some other online learning courses.

So in a way, I guess what I'm saying here is that it's still a trial period for me. If at some point (which at the moment I don't think will happen), but IF at some point I decide it's no longer what we requiret, then I know I'll walk away saying I got a good deal for the length of time I used it for.

But, as we move our way into this new curriculum, I will introduce what we learn along the way. I'm not entirely sure how long it's been going, suffice it to say, everyone is encouraged to help develop it as we are asked to suggest what we'd like more of etc.

The forum is semi-active which I'm hoping will be an area to meet as many of the other users as possible. It's at least an area where I get to ask my dilly questions without being shot down as a dodo for not knowing something, lol.

For the most part, I am quietly confident I will be able to use plenty of subjects from this curriculum with the other things we use. Lesson Pathways does require the parent(s) to be organised, ie to organise lessons and have resources available, but this is something I personally need. To focus and follow a process. At the moment, let me just say I am still trying to learn about the whole thing, so I haven't introduced it properly to the children. Once I feel truly comfortable, or feel like I'm on track with understanding it, then we'll be into it with gusto.

I'll keep you posted, and if anyone feels like participating, then follow this link and try the 14 day trial. You don't have to use your credit card (like other sites you may trial), so there's no risk involved other than you may like it eh!!!!

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ka kite ano

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