Saturday, 10 October 2009

Face challenges with courage and conviction

When our friends were packing in preparation of their return to Reporoa, we were the lucky recipients of much needed clothing etc. [BTW, a very BIG thank you guys!!!] In amongst some of the wonderful things we were given, I found the following and decided it was too good to leave lying around anywhere, and thought perhaps it may be encouraging for us all to read from time to time and what better place to store it, than on your blog!!!!

I have the courage to embrace my strengths get excited about life enjoy giving and receiving love face and transform my fears ... ask for help and support when I need it spring free of the superwoman trap make my own decisions and choices befriend myself complete unfinished business realise I have emotional and practical rights talk as nicely to myself as I do my plants communicate lovingly with understanding as my goal honour my own needs give myself credit for my accomplisments love the little girl within me overcome my addiciton to approval grant myself permission to play quit being a responsibility sponge feel all of my feelings and act on them appropriately nurture others because I want to not because I have to choose what is right for me insist on being paid fairly for what I do set limits and boundaries and stand by them say "yes" only when I really mean it have realistic expectations take risks and accept change grow through challenges be totally honest with myself correct erroneous beliefs and assumptions respect my vulnerabilities heal old and current wounds savour the mystery of spirt wave goodbye to guilt plant "flower" not "weed" thoughts in my mind treat myself with respect and expect others to do the same fill my own cup first and then nourish others from the overflow own my own excellence plan for the future and live for the present value my intuition and wisdom know that I am lovable celebrate the differences between women and men develop healthy and supportive relationships make forgiveness a priority
but most of all, accept myself just as I am now
(from the courage to be yourself) by Sue Patten Thoele

As I read some of these lines I could relate to many and although I would enjoy discussing them, the one that stands out above all in our current circumstances is "grow through challenges". The thing is, I do not fear our future because I know our family is strong and united in love, but that doesn't stop one from being concerned about making the right decisions does it?

Our friends face the challenge of employment. Our family face the challenge of keeping our home. My prayers and best wishes I pass to our friends and for everyone really who face any challenge at the moment.

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ka kite ano

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  1. Thanks for the gift of sharing that with me! I typed that out years ago, it used to be on my wall. I am glad I passed it on because by doing so it made me stop and read it again. It has been floating around without a home effectively becoming clutter, now in your possession, I heard the message again and got value from it. Thank you