Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Continued with learning about deserts today

This website is a great resource. We followed this link as part of tama 1's Lesson Pathways Science programme.

I scrolled down and found a section "Habitats: Desert and Forest." So, we started on that after our MUS lessons. We learned more about what types of cacti are located in different deserts and how they retain water. Interesting to learn that the Saguaro Cactus has a large net of roots which extend far away from its trunk. It has a pleated expandable stem, so water keeps the saguaro alive until the next rain.

We read about many different animals in deserts all around the world. My least favourite so far is called the Thorny Devil from Australia. To quote from the website "the grotesque thorny devil is the only species in its genus and one of the strangest of lizards". Grotesque is right!!!!

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  1. if you want anything extra, keep an eye open for Magic school bus, they have an episode about desert habitats.
    not that is sounds like you need any more