Thursday, 22 October 2009

Free Reads this week

This week's free reading from


Tamāhine 1 read the above book. She only had trouble with the words:
  • Chinese (she may recognise China, but not Chinese)
  • wear
  • Cinco de Mayo (when I asked her what the word for five in Spanish was, she said cinco, so was then able to identify the rest of it, lol)
  • Native (well, she didn't really have a problem, just stumbled/hesitated)
  • carve
  • July (kept saying Julie ... a name she has read a few times in books recently, so I think she was simply getting confused over the two)

Edgar, Allan & Poe

Tama 1 read the above. I explained to him that Edgar Allan Poe was a famous American writer and that the author of this book has been ingenius in her use of Poe's name.

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