Saturday, 19 September 2009

Took a few days to get a groove going, but we finally did


Being another lovely spring afternoon I asked tama 1 and tamāhine 1 to read while I helped tama 2 on the computer. Obligingly they settled themselves where they wanted and happily read.

By the time I sat with tamāhine 1 to help, she had read a few pages already of The Monkey and the Panda by Antonia Barber.

We had a few tricky words to learn, such as lithe, havoc, rustle, worthier, straightening, judge, boasting, livelier, enthralled and clamoured. However, it was a lovely story and well illustrated. The book is probably advanced in many respects, but I was happy tamāhine 1 read the bulk of it with ease, interest and understanding. Considering we'd already returned the majority of the library reading the other day without collecting any further books, the remainder are a higher reading level, but if tamāhine 1 grabs a book to give it a go, then that's great. I wasn't going to suggest she find a book in our own library collection that she might find easier, because she'd already decided to give this one a crack and on the whole I was certain she'd manage it.

Tama 1 wasn't feeling well for a couple of days but I managed to get him to try some school work all the same. Motivation was difficult, but one must expect that when one isn't feeling too great eh? Basically it meant school didn't start till late in the morning.

Anyway, the type of school work he did this week (well, this is probably true for tamāhine 1 also), was revision. Although he did some maths, he could only manage a few pages at a time and even then he wasn't enjoying it because he doubted himself when he had areas and perimeters to calculate. So we chilled out and simply did what he could handle.

One of the other areas we revised was language arts. For example we covered at length the use of a dictionary, encyclopaedia and a glossary. We practised putting things into alphabetical order and tama 2 had to indicate in which encyclopaedia volume he could find it. He had to be careful to look at a person's name (eg Albert Einstein) to make sure he put it under 'E' for Einstein, and not 'A' for Albert.

There's probably a few other lessons I wanted to cover, but I think I'll leave it here at the minute. It was a productive week, even if somewhat slow at times. I'm pleased with the children's efforts and I know the three of them are enjoying the computers to work with.

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