Sunday, 27 September 2009

Romankids Cyber Café

Bye bye Dora! Thanks for the memories!
Thanks to selling dear old Dora, we were able to purchase our third computer. We might need to start charging for the usage of the
Romankids Cyber Café

My brother Craig and niece Lizzie (my eldest brother's daughter) came down for the weekend. They were here as part of the entourage for Sir Howard Morrison's tangi and kindly popped out to see us on Sunday morning.

Well, typically, Craig and Lizzie merged to the computer without too much encouragement, lol. Both of them are very computer-savvy and are usually armed with their laptops, so I think they enjoyed the fact they could use our Cyber Café today.

Thanks for dropping by
ka kite ano

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  1. YAY!!!!!

    goodbye stuff you can't use and don't want anymre, hello to things you can and do..That is excellent news. Gee your homeschool kids have it tough aye? you are doing a wonderful job and remain inspiring in so many ways. xxx