Monday, 21 September 2009

More Creativeness Monday

Tama 1 drew this picture about the recycling process. Although he didn't complete it (interruptions and mum moving it), he's happy enough for me to load it on now as he explained it pretty much indicates what he knows about the recycling process. It's rather self-explanatory so I won't go into depth about it.

The following is yet another of tama 1's bridge building ideas. I'll try my best to explain it.

The dark parts are the main bridge. There's a tower which a few cars can park in. You can also climb up inside the tower and have a look at the view from atop using your binoculars. He has a couple of walkways, a boat which can go underneath the bridge, there's a river running on the left-hand side, a tree and garden area for the landscape aesthetics.
This following picture is of a café which tama 1 drew yesterday before breakfast. Actually, there are many things he draws before, during or immediately following breakfast!

Anyway, I looked at this picture and thought it looked particuarly Parisian. I mean, check out this Vincent van Gogh picture to see the similarities, lol.

Okay, this last picture tama 1 drew today. A crane with outriggers, a concrete truck with the chute ... and chute extension on the deck of the truck if you look closely enough. I like the way he drew portions of vehicles and what-have-you to give depth and detail to his picture. So although you don't realise it, there's a forklift up in the top left corner. There's even the indication of a door and window in the bottom right corner.

Tamāhine 1 made a fantastic job of her Felicity Wishes. She was such a good girl too, because she even used the two sides of her paper. That may explain why the photographs don't do her drawings justice.

Then at the completion of school tamāhine 1 made a mirror ...

and a wand ...

They reminded me of the story she had made earlier this morning about a princess and a magic mirror. Quite timely.

Here are the boys returning from their excursion down the back after lunch break. They had a great time exploring while tamāhine 1 worked on her art project. [I think that's the first time I can recall tamāhine 1 staying behind while the boys headed off around the track.]

[Ah well, a girl's prerogative I guess eh, lol?]
This afternoon we dropped off some more of the kids completed reading to the library. Because I had a few errands I decided to head into the city just after lunch. I couldn't stop long at the library though because tama 2 decided to fall asleep just minutes before finding a car park. So rather than wake him I just raced in and did what I needed to do.

Well, I just have to share this little part of our day.

When I clambered back into the car I passed a book to Tama 1. Anyway, he read it within 5kms. The book, I should point out, was actually intended for tamāhine 1, but as always if tama 1 is interested in reading something, he'll read it.

Because he finished it, I handed the book back to tamāhine 1 when driving past Te Ngae shops. By the time we got home she had almost completed it herself. Within five minutes of getting in the house she was heading to the library basket and I (astoundedly) asked, "have you finished it already?"


"Well, how about you read it to me at the bench while I prepare kai?" (because I needed to be sure she read each word correctly).

And sure enough, within 15 minutes she had this book done and dusted. Needless to say I was very impressed with her reading. I didn't have to help her with any words whatsoever.

Level 2 Reading Independently
  • More-complex stories
  • Varied sentence structure
  • Paragraphs and short chapters
Looks like I'll have to look for more Level 3 Reading Proficiently
  • Rich vocabulary
  • More-challenging stories
  • Longer chapters

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ka kite ano

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