Wednesday, 12 August 2009

We live in New Zealand

Tamāhine 1 was so clever with her pancake creation I, of course, needed to share a picture of Aotearoa, New Zealand.

We're continuing with our exercise learning and here are a few of the books we checked out of our Library.

Actually, I thought I'd share a shot of the library from the new front entrance. I haven't tried out the coffee shop (far end of photo) yet, but walking past I enjoy the smell of freshly brewing coffee so one day I'll stop and sit.
One thing I didn't realise until recently about our library is that the new return slots in the foyer are fully automated now. Excellent!! The only thing to remember is to SLOWLY insert our returning items one at a time. That's great! Plus, if you use the little parking area (from the old days), they have a "drive-by" box so you don't even have to get out of your vehicle to return them!!! I also love the "self-help" desk to check out our books without standing in a queue. Most excellent our library is moving with the times nē rā? Tino pai.

We're enjoying a lot of math activity of late. Well, when I say activity, we're concentrating a lot on mulitiplications. Tama 1 covered the nine's timestables in his Math-U-See lesson today. The other day he grasped the concept of find the unknown in multiplication very well, so this feels very exciting that we're moving ahead. It feels like quite a milestone to reach multiplication facts. Naturally, this means tamāhine 1 is throwing out answers also so it won't be long and we'll have our two oldest babies fluent in multiplication. Quite momentous.

Our family is growing and learning. When I stop and think I am reminded how it won't be long before our eldest will be eight years old. Goodness me!! Time is slipping away so quickly and yet it's exciting to see new challenges being achieved by the kids.

{We will continue to strike while the iron is hot to learn and practise multiplications.}

If I haven't raved enough about Math-U-See, then I will try again. Math, as many readers will have gathered, is not my strong suit. I spent a long time finding a math program that (a) I felt comfortable with as my guiding resource and more importantly (b) would gel with the children immediately to give them the love to learn math.

{I wish Math-U-See was around when I was a child. But then again, the most important thing about math ... or any subject for that matter ... is how much we, as parents, involve ourselves in our child(ren)'s learning. I could bleat on for hours about how I wish things were for me, but it's not about me is it?! The time right now is my opportunity to be there for our children. To help when they need it and enjoy each accomplishment they make along with them.}

Even if the children end up attending public school for whatever reason in the future, I have already learned a valuable lesson about being involved with their learning, and from that I know they will be successful individuals.

Okay, well, our lunch break is over, so it's time to return to some more learning.

We're about to cover a little bit of Social Studies this afternoon. It's almost been a bit of a "throw the dart at the world map". I do tend to be spontaneous ... because we're about to learn a little about Mexico. No particular reason .... but does there have to be?

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