Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Our Lesson Plan this week? Exercise

Lessons this week will revolve around exercise.

The following photos are the kids playing an exercise game; loosely based on Simon Says

jumping jacks
frog hops
run in place
punch the air
leg kicks ... very tricky
another attempt with leg kicks

It feels more like Spring than Winter these past few days which is great because they're all enjoying the trampoline as part of their exercise:

They love to play Ring a Ring o'Roses
on the trampoline
Big tumbles with lots of giggles

We made a list of the exercises the children like to do inside and outside. Here's but a smidgen from the lists:


Play tag
Ride bikes
Run/walk around track
Climb trees


(our poor old swings and see-saw have seen better days ... but as you can see, the kids don't care)


Hide and seek
Jumping Jacks
Play instruments

We'll go to the library in the next few days to gather some books about exercising and continue with some more learning.

Tama 1 completed Beta on 17 July. We're rocking with Gamma at the moment and as expected he's raced through the first six lessons very speedily. I know I could have skipped the first few lessons, but I believe it's important to still complete the lessons; as a means of revision AND to build confidence in the children that their knowledge-base is growing. It is encouraging for the kids to see they actually know a lot already, so by completing a full lesson each day for a few weeks builds their confidence so that when they come to a challenge, they're ready to give it a shot.
Speaking of challenges .... tamāhine 1 is working with her Beta manual. We'd been doing well and then a few weeks (?) ago, she was introduced to six digits and suddenly we were faced with a very big challenge. It took a few attempts to understand how to read (eg) 639,427. Then to learn how to translate "six hundred and thirty-nine thousand, four hundred and twenty-seven" into numerals posed quite a headscratching moment for her mother to find a way to help her daughter understand it. Late last week it appeared to have finally clicked. I say that with reservation because I know only too well how easily some things appear mastered and yet when you move away from it for only a matter of days, it can be forgotten again. Of course, I want to keep positive and say she understands it, but the reality is, until we really master it, we will keep practicing.

Place values seem to be forgotten because the number becomes larger is probably what I'm trying to sum it as. Tamāhine 1 needed a little time to have it sink in, and as I mentioned a little further up in the previous paragaraph, she seems to have now grasped the concept which - like all new things mastered - is exciting and encouraging for everyone concerned.

Tamāhine 1's reading and writing are coming along as I'd expect/like/hope for. Granted, she's had a long-ish break with her writing, and that's thanks to me really. No real excuses but we'll try getting our (or more like, I'll try getting my) groove back this week. The sooner the better really because I'm quite sure that by the time I reach my third trimester I may not be too keen on school work at all... but we'll see. So far I'm managing to do things without becoming too physically uncomfortable.

Tama 2 is making the most of the free Reading Eggs period. For tama 2 it's rather advanced in many respects, but it can't do him any harm to try what he can.

I'm still trying to find a comfortable style for his learning. Although he's speaking more clearly and his comprehension is certainly excellent, he tends to mumble jibberish at times so it can feel like "one step forward, two steps back". I'm completely at ease with his learning and do not feel pressured to push him in the slightest. I can see things are falling into place and it's just a matter of continuing to work at his pace.

He's not even five years [yet], and although some kids may be reading and what-have-you by this age, I am not the least bit perturbed nor making comparisons. I am simply enjoying our son growing into his "own" and feel proud of each accomplishment he makes.

Well, I did have more drafted for this post but I think I'll leave it for another day. I do tend to ramble and make an essay of postings at times, eh? hee hee

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  1. I love it that you have indoor and outdoor favorite activities. My 2 have a lovely wooden swingset, but it gets ignored for the filthy sandbox (which does have a cover!, but oh, cleaning all that sand off legs and arms, etc.!).