Friday, 7 August 2009

No more ERO Reviews?!

Many of the kiwi homeschooling groups are spreading the news:

ERO reviews of the education of students exempt from attending a regular school

In the past the Education Review Office has reviewed the education of homeschooled students according to a schedule set annually. From 1 July 2009 ERO will carry out reviews only when requested by the Secretary for Education, or inother particular circumstances.

For further information about this change, please contact Rob Williamson, Senior Review Officer Homeschooling, or phone 0-4-499 2489.

Page updated 24 July 2009

See page 4 of this government review

Craig Smith over at Homeschool Nations has a interesting post about it. Head over and see what you make of it.

Will it remain this way, do you think? Perhaps Education have another piece of legislature in the woodworks we don't know about? Seems rather generous, if not odd that they have taken a change in stance like this, but oh well, it's something to celebrate I guess eh?! My initial thought that perhaps it's a monetary saving scheme due to recession so the Education Department have to cut costs in their budget? One of the itmes in the pdf link seems to acknowledge that is one reason but who knows. I'm simply accepting it as good news and will carry on as normal.

... Now, if only Education would bump up the "Supervision" Allowance!!!

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  1. I actually felt a little disappointed to read that there would possibly be no more reviews. Any body I have spoken to about it had made comments that they found the reviewers helpful and if anything wish they had come earlier or stayed longer. I hope reviews are not replaced by getting children to complete standardised tests or something like that. Either way I do not see it as a cause for celebration, it's a change but I'm not sure if it is good or bad. At the moment it just is.