Friday, 14 August 2009

Ever wondered how they make a grab-a-button?

Have you ever wondered how other bloggers make their own "Grab a Button"?

Well, I did.

So for something different this afternoon I decided to Google search how it's done.

I stumbled upon Mommy's Idea. From what I can gather (and if I'm wrong, please correct me), you need Adobe. I presume that means Adobe Photoshop?! If so, I'm outta luck.

Mommy's Idea

Well, anyway, just in case anyone out there in Blogland wants to make their own Grab-a-Button, head over to Mommy's Idea to learn how.

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  1. I've made one you Microsoft paint. You know that little paint program that comes with windows. It's totally generic just a color background and words.

    There is a program that you can download called is a lot like photoshop! And it's FREE!!!

    To download you need to go to

    Hope that helps!