Saturday, 11 July 2009

With a warm fire, all seems well in the world

This is the first winter since having a fireplace in our home that we have been without the beautiful glow of a warm, snuggly fire. Winter arrived and we had no wood other than the generous bag-fulls kindly brought down to us by my dear friend, Auriel. (The above photo is wood scored by whaiāipo from a job yesterday... yippee for free wood eh!!??) Anything we've had we've tried to leave until the end of the day to keep that chill at bay while we ate dinner, but we still end up heading to bed many hours earlier than normal.

I'm pretty sure that had this been back in the days when whaiāipo had the business, I'd be feeling quite miserable and full of self-pity. However, I've simply layered on the piles of clothes and dealt with it.

Last night was the first time in a few weeks that I've been downstairs after 7 o'clock (yes, P.M.). I've made a conscious effort to have kai on the table by the time whaiāipo returned home from mahi each night and then scuttle the children upstairs while I got the dishes done and happily climb into bed myself. I chose to take the easy way out with dinner last night by accepting whaiāipo's offer to buy kai on the way home. Being the thoughtful fellow that he is, whaiāipo wanted me to rest for the baby's sake. Only trouble was, he had to work late which meant late home, late dinner, late to bed. Hei aha, I no complain! I appreciated the lovely gesture.

Well, today whaiāipo buys a chainsaw. He's been clocking up the overtime for weeks now and finally he has enough to purchase one. If there's one thing whaiāipo can't handle, it's paying for firewood!!!! In order to heat our home we go through lots of wood and basically I wouldn't be exaggerating if I said we'd go through $300 worth of wood in three to four weeks. So basically, at $80-$100 per week, that's a lot of good money going up in smoke.

If I had to continue surviving winter without firewood, I know I could. Other than my little scares with the pregnancy, I'm feeling very content indeed. The children are healthy and touch wood we get through the remaining winter period without flus or colds.

But I'm looking forward to a fire!!! Yummos!!!

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  1. I hear you Maree! I literally thank God for my fire and fuel every day I use it. It Warms the body and the soul. I looked at your photo of wood burning and I felt warm. xxx