Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Things that have made my days a little easier recently

I couldn't help but be excited to share the following 'luxury' item. Please excuse the crumbs as I had literally just taken the toast out of the toaster(s) when I couldn't resist taking a photograph to acknowledge our latest appliance purchase ... the four-slice toaster!
It may seem odd to admit that I love a toaster!!! but it's absolutely true. I am now able to have six slices of toast ready to spread with the children's choices within minutes. Tamāhine 2 has been the main reason I purchased the four-slice toaster. For some weeks now she has sat at the breakfast bench wanting more and more toast. Although the bigger kids will have cereal, they also like a couple of slices of toast. It became very monotonous and slow-going to walk back and forth making two slices at a time, so I decided it was time our growing family had an appliance to help make life just that little bit easier.

I also decided to utilise my crock-pot recently. I tend to only use it for soups but having Auriel tell me she prepares the majority of her meals in her crock-pot/slow-cooker (what's the difference?!), I figured maybe I'd give it a shot. So, I attempted devilled sausages. You may notice I've placed peaches in there. I decided to use them instead of apples. I used a 410g can with its juice. I threw in whatever vegies I had on tap, plus I made sure I fried the sausages then the onions which I'm glad I did because I was so jolly late to get the meal organised I had it cooking on high for less than four years ... instead of the intended eight hours.
I have a pumpkin soup in the crock-pot at the moment. I had every intention of trying my corned beef in there but with the gas hobs, I find it really easy to simply have it simmering away over the gas - but I'd like to try it in the crock-pot all the same.

If you have any favourite recipes you would like to share, then please do. Although I'm not the greatest cook, I do like attempting different things and the crock-pot has been a wonderful kitchen tool that I haven't utilised nearly enough.

Now that we have returned to school there has been a certain tool I have wanted for a very long time and at last I bit the bullet and purchased this great little pencil sharpener by Faber-Castell. I purchased this one from our local Warehouse Stationery store. Not the cheapest stationery item by any stretch of the imagination, but I have grown increasingly fed up with using cheap pencil sharpeners which keep snapping the ends off each time I'm trying to sharpen.

You might well ask: is it because we have used cheap sharpeners? Or is it because we have used cheap pencils? Well, it's not because of cheap pencils ... I learned a valuable lesson some years ago that cheap pencils are not a good investment!!! They ended up as kindling in the fire, hee hee. So it must be the cheap pencil sharpeners we've had. I'll keep them as spares, but I can testify that since using my new rastafarian-coloured Faber-Castell pencil sharpener, I'm a very happy homeschooling mum. I'm not continually sharpening nor complaining about the 'piece of junk'. Okay, so the colours aren't specifically rasta colours, but they remind me of them nonetheless. Considering this was the only brand and colour available at the time I went looking, I can't be fussy. At least being colourful it stands out wherever it may be.
Yes, they do come with a vice to clamp onto desks etc, but I'm not able to use it because little hands keep making a bee-line for it and are cunning enough to pull it off.

Another appliance for the kitchen which I agree with Auriel about is the rice cooker. Another wonderful time-saving, easy-to-set-and-forget type of appliance.

One appliance I haven't used in a long time ( simply because buying loaves of bread is cheaper to buy than making it nowadays) and that's my breadmaker. I really ought to brush off the dust and use it again...

So, these are just a few items in our home that I am enjoying of late.

What makes life easier for you?

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