Monday, 20 July 2009

Term Three Commencement Date Delayed

School was meant to get underway properly today, but I made it a "Teacher's Day" instead. I'm trying to tidy up a little more from our weekend of carpet-laying upstairs you see, and if there's one thing that you can always count on, it's having a pile of laundry to play catch-up with because you decided to start an all-weekend task. I have such a mountain of laundry to get through it's hardly funny.

Because whaiāipo had a totally free weekend to spend with us, I asked if we could finally tackle the upstairs carpet. We've managed to complete over 75%, no make that 85% of the floor, with just our master bedroom left for this weekend.

[Okay, so we haven't finished gibbing, let alone painted or wallpapered or a few other things on a rather extensive list, but look, we've had the carpet for a few months now and it was driving me slightly nuts that it was there but not being used. With the sheer weight involved with some of the carpet, I couldn't move it on my own and having had a couple of frights with the pregnancy already, I have had to leave the carpet until whaiāipo was available.]

So, yay! We have achieved the bulk of the goal and it's like a totally different upstairs. If the carpet can transform it this much, I can hardly wait till the end of 2010 when we can afford to paint etc etc. In the meantime, I am grateful for the carpet whaiāipo found for his family. Walking on carpet instead of chip-floorboards is simply delicious!

The boys are now in a room of their own and the girls are now in a room of their own. Tama 1 misses tamāhine 1 and vice-versa, but by the same token tamāhine 1 enjoys having a room to make as girly as she can (within extremely limited means I hasten to add). I would desperately love to paint the children's rooms to help them feel ownership of their areas, but in the meantime they will do what they can to put their own signature to their rooms. Although we still get tamāhine 2 asleep in our room, she transfers quite easily to her new environs and thankfully sleeps through the night giving us peace of mind. Tama 3 is still in our room sleeping in the cot. I could probably move him to the boys room also, but I haven't quite braved that idea. Maybe by the weekend? I mean, considering they all sleep through the night, I should really be thinking of enjoying an adults room for a few months. After more than seven years of having a baby/toddler in our room, it's simply become the norm hasn't it? It's funny what you become accustomed to. Hmm, well, it's food for thought and I'll certainly do just that over the next few days.

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