Thursday, 30 July 2009

Can't wait for e-day

I have been waiting for this year's e-day for what feels like forever. Our computers, printers, laptops, screens etc have been building up gathering dust and simply taking up room.

These photos show the tip of the ice-berg. I have yet to pull the laptop and a few old printers out of cupboards, but figure they can wait till closer to the date.

Here's a quick outline of where and when to drop off in Rotorua:

eDay drop-off:

The former Challenge Petrol Station
Te Ngae Road

Date and Time:

Saturday 12 September 2009, 9am-3pm
For your area's drop-off point, simply follow this link.
Or, if you want a list of what you can and cannot drop off then follow this link.

I am so glad e-day exists. I can remember (not so many) years ago, phoning different companies to ask where I could dispose of my computer. Nobody could tell me of anything other than the landfill. I was absolutely disgusted at the thought of disposing of it in this way. After browsing the e-day website, I find it encouraging to learn:

"How much will be diverted from landfill?

On average, over 95% of the materials collected on eDay will be diverted from landfills. Your old equipment will no longer be sitting around your house gathering dust, nor will it be lying in a landfill posing a threat to the environment. Instead it will be turned into other products that can be used before being recycled again. And so the cycle continues..."
So, if you have any old computers, laptops etc OR you know of someone who does, then please find out where and when it is happening in your area and make use of e-day.

Be a tidy Kiwi

Thanks for day
ka kite ano

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