Monday, 15 June 2009

Care to try a 90 Day Bible Reading Challenge?


This sounds like a good challenge for me. If you think you'd be up for a similar challenge, head over to Rebecca's blog Leaving Footprints Along the Way.

It actually started today (15 June) but I haven't been able to pass the details on because we've been experiencing a few hiccups with power outages at home here. It wasn't until tonight that I could finally catch up on emails and blogs that I discovered it myself, so you won't be any further behind than myself!!!!

Rebecca also has resources, reading plans and motivational ideas to keep us going!

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  1. Hi, so nice to meet you! I'm so glad that you decided to join us! I'm looking forward to the accountability and fellowship! Thanks for the shout out about the challenge and I will link to you as well! Looking forward to a great summer in God's Word!
    In Him,