Friday, 1 May 2009

Week One, Term Two now complete

I'm satisfied with our first week in Term Two. I feel we achieved good results. The focus now will be to build on our efforts throughout the coming weeks.

This post will focus on sharing photos of our volcano experiment which we carried out on Thursday.

By chance, it just so happens that Uncle Warrick popped out for a few hours before his shift started at work. His timing was perfect, because the plan was to FINALLY try the volcano experiment! Warrick, being the terrific brother that he is, was keen to muck in with us. I was very glad because it meant I could take the photos without having to stop and start at each stage of our task to get photos. The other good point having him here was that we could trial the experiment more than once, (ie we added more baking soda and vinegar with each experiment to see what would happen.)

We had a LOT of fun!!!

Tama 2 inserted the central vent with Uncle Warrick trying to prevent Tama 3 from adding his contribution of dirt at the same time!
The children all took turns with each experiment to add the ingredients.
Baking soda, food colouring and vinegar
Within seconds, moltem magma travelled up from the earth's mantle into the magma chamber
Gas pressure forces magma from the chamber into vents toward the surface
We added a little extra entertainment with the cars to indicate how the people rushed to their vehicles to escape the lava!

Volcanoes erupt in different ways - from steady to spectacular. Our (three) attempts were all "Hawaiian" eruptions, ie thin, liquid lava flows out in slow, steady red-hot streams.

As we packed up and moved on to other things this afternoon, Tama 1 looked over at our "cooling" volcano and made the comment that the red (food colouring) mixed with the sand on the cone looked like scoria, which yes, by crickey it did. So we discussed the types of rock that we are familiar with (such as the scoria) in Rotorua. More specifically, how Aotearoa New Zealand forms part of the Pacific Ring of Fire.

At L-O-N-G last, I can finally check the volcano experiment off our list!

For those who keep up with my blog(s), you may be wondering if we went to playcentre this week. The simple answer: no!

Why's that? Because we still haven't found a vehicle we can afford and I've decided to make the most limited of travels off the land until we find something now. I will possibly only take the children once a week ... if that.

Again, if you're a regular to my blog(s), you'll know the answer to the next question:

Am I bothered? No.

Why not? Becuase I've said it before and I'll say it again. There's nothing the playcentre has except HEAPS of paint, that we do not have at home. This week especially I was more than happy to be home to concentrate on school work. And as the recent postings indicate, the results speak for themself!

Plus, I need to save up for another computer now. Our poor old computer is desperately in need of retirement. The old girl takes two hours to crank up in the mornings now!!!!

As my girlfriend said: "You can live without a car, but you can't live without your computer." Aaahhh, she knows me soooooooooooo well !!!! lol.

Keep smiling. Whether big or small, life will always throw challenges at us all. My challenge is simply a computer and a new car. I'm always up for a challenge, lol.

Thanks for dropping by
ka kite ano

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  1. hey girlfriend

    I loved your volcano language. I have seen a zillion playcentre volcanoes in my short life but that had the best language and explanations how about you do another one with my kids around (okay i know I could do it but consider it revision for our kids) I loved the scientific language. great stuff