Sunday, 17 May 2009

Underwater Volcano experiment

This experiment is to show how lava comes up under the ocean or lake.

Heat is energy in motion and the hotter something is the more energetic its particles are.
We improvised to do the experiment. We have no salt shaker so I decided to use an old dried herbs bottle. We had no string handy so I used a shoestring. As for the large jar, I emptied the contents of the largest jar I have and I'm glad because if we'd used a smaller jar I don't think it would have looked quite as impressive ... as you'll soon see ...

Firstly, we gathered the equipment (1) a large jar with cold water (2) string (3) salt shaker with hot tap water (4) food colouring
Tie the string around your smaller jar and add a dash or two of food colouring
Replace top on the smaller jar then steadily lower into the large jar
Instantly the volcano begins erupting
A better photo showing the eruption.

My question: When magma erupts from the chamber and meets the air, it becomes lava. If the magma is coming out under the water, is it still magma or is it called lava?

Getting up close to watch ...
And show his little sister where to watch ...
All five enjoying the experiment
We took the little jar out
Placed it next to the large jar
And yes, the two jars were the same colour and the same temperature!

The hot coloured water comes out of the jar and cold water goes back in which is why the colour becomes the same.

We learned that hot water will rise through cold water.

With a little experimentation and imagination one can see how a volcano might look whilst erupting under the ocean or lake rising up to bubble under the surface.

We have more experiments we have completed so please stay tuned as I prepare the next postings ...

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