Monday, 27 April 2009

Term Two 2009

Term Two started off very well today even if the weather was kinda dodgy. That made no never mind to school work because we knuckled down first thing after breakfast and I'm really pleased to be using Beta Math-U-See with Tama 1. I can't explain why it makes such a difference to use a Student Manual for mathematics ... it just does.

We always have a well-deserved break following maths, during which time I will come over to the computer desk and if I haven't already written out the children's handwriting exercises, I will do it then.

Sometimes while they do their writing I will sneak in some household chores; ie laundry, preparing meals or vacuuming. Once they complete their writing one or either of the older children will read to me while the other can draw or any activity they choose. Then we swap around, by which time we're heading towards the lunch break.

Today we also covered some science. We talked about why a flower opens and discussed things such as nutrients, photosynthesis, and how the weight of the water reaching the flower forces the petals to open. Here's our flower experiment which we used to discuss some of the things I've mentioned.

The weather had cleared up by 1 or 2 o'clock, but we persevered with school work and then it was time to get outdoors and enjoy the fresh air.

Now, the following photos you may think are from Easter, and okay perhaps we should have had a treasure hunt at Easter, but I decided back then I would keep the little activity as a fun way to start term two. So, while the children played, I busied myself around the property depositing their little treasure balls which, as indicated, I made at Easter time. Just as we were about to commence the treasure hunt, whaiāipo rang to say he was at Owhata (only five minutes away). So I asked the children if they'd mind waiting for daddy to get home and he could join in the fun too. While they gathered their "pirate" costumes, whaiaipo arrived home and it was time to go in search of "treasure"...

Very Improtant: Reading the Treasure Map to locate the treasure!!!
What a gorgeous smile! Tamāhine 1 looks so excited, doesn't she?!
"Ah, ha! Look here me hearties! Treasure!"
The children gathered their treasure in their little treasure sacks ...
Tama 2 was very keen to smash his open!!
Tama 1 chose to smash his open after riding on his bike
So did tamāhine 1
There wasn't much time to get any riding practice in ...
but tama 1 loved riding in the muddy conditions!

The first day of term was great. The children put in a lot of effort and were thrilled with their after-school treat(s).

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ka kite ano

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