Sunday, 26 April 2009

On a rainy weekend

The weekend was very wet, with only the occasional fine spell. So what did we do to keep ourselves amused?

We started making flowers
We just need to paint them and add some stems now
Tama 2 decided to have his own fun
Tamāhine 1 drew a picture for her baby sister
We decided to try an experiment
called Inside Cloud
(thanks for the great pukapuka Uncle Craig)

I chose this experiment because:
(1) It's such a simple experiment anyone can do it the next time they want to make a cuppa, and (2) It was relevant on such a wet weekend to discuss the weather.

Simply place a metal tray over the spout as it boils (whaiāipo did this so I could take the photos)
As the water boils and steam begins to appear we discussed the droplets of water are what clouds are made of. We spoke about how the sun heats the air around us which then rises up into the sky. The air eventually cools down, then millions of droplets of water cling together to form the clouds we see. Once the droplets get too heavy they fall back down as rain or snow.

We decided to make a musical instrument ...
The three bigger kids worked together
to build a drum
We will let the glue dry and then paint this also

The weekend was very wet, with only the occasional dry spell. Whenever we had the opportunity to get outside, we certainly made the most of it. But the bulk of our weekend was indoors doing more things like ...

Practicing the alphabet

Making race tracks

Playing "motorbike" mechanic
And reading

Tomorrow, we start term two of school.

Aaaaahhhh, I'm glad we had the break. Now that we've reached the end of our holiday I realise we needed the break; it's definitely helped revitalise everyone.

Thanks for dropping by
ka kite ano

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